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Chapitre 3: Users

What is a driver?

The term “driver” designates any person who manages a vehicle, who guides or who guards draft animals, loads, mounts or livestock.

Every driver must be:

  • Able to drive, have the required physical qualities and have the necessary knowledge and skills .
  • Able to carry out all the maneuvers required of him
  • And must have constant control of the vehicle or animals he is driving.


    • It is prohibited to use it while holding it in your hand, unless your vehicle is stationary or parked

Abandonment of the vehicle

  • The driver cannot leave the vehicle he is driving or the animals he is guiding or keeping without having taken the necessary precautions to avoid any accident and any abusive use by a third party.
  • If the vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft device , it must be used by locking the steering wheel.
  • The handbrake must be applied , the wheels turned towards the sidewalk and nothing of value left inside the vehicle.
  • The driver who leaves his vehicle will have to go towards the back of the car to return to the sidewalk.

Vehicle in neutral

  • Any driver is prohibited from repeatedly accelerating the engine.
  • Do not leave the engine running unless necessary.


I test my knowledge with questions

Chapitre 1: La réglementation