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I. Scope of application

Chapter 1: Regulation

Definition of the highway code

The highway code is a regulation governing traffic on public roads and the use thereof for:

  • Pedestrians
  • Vehicles
  • As well as draft, carrying or mounting animals and livestock

Rail vehicles using public roads are not subject to the application of this regulation. However, they must respect the instructions of qualified agents as well as light signals.

Public roads

  • Any path open to public land traffic  or the space between property lines.
  • The parking area of ​​a supermarket is a public road as long as the public is admitted without any control and everyone has access to it even if these areas are initially intended for customers.

Parts of the public highway:

Roadways, sidewalks, cycle paths, level/overhanging shoulders, paths, dirt roads, special passable sites, bus lanes, squares, roundabouts, motorways, automobile roads.

The public place

By public place, we mean: 

  • public roads
  • public land open to a certain number of people (e.g. the courtyard of a barracks, a hospital, a factory, paid parking)
  • non-public land (company parking for its staff)

Offenses relating  to hit-and-run, drunkenness, alcoholic impregnation and insurance  can be prosecuted there.

I test my knowledge with questions

Chapitre 1: La réglementation