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XIII. Serious faults

Chapter 1: Regulation

List of serious offenses

Here, excluding speeding, is the list of 49 serious offenses resulting from the highway code with loss of 5 points in the theoretical license exam.
  1. Failing to comply with the orders of a qualified agent
  2. Do not move your stationary or parked vehicle at the request of an agent
  3. Take the left lane on a roadway with a central berm
  4. Do not respect the crossing on the right
  5. Do not leave sufficient lateral distance in the event of crossing
  6. Endanger users of the shoulder by using it
  7. Endangering users in the opposite direction by overtaking a tram from the left
  8. Accelerate or not keep to the right when being overtaken
  9. Overtaking on the left without sufficient visibility
  10. To surpass when you are overwhelmed yourself
  11. Do not give way to an oncoming driver when turning left
  12. Change direction without yielding to drivers and pedestrians traveling on the same public road
  13. When changing direction, do not give way to pedestrians crossing the roadway you are entering.
  14. Obstruct pedestrians in a residential area
  15. Putting each other in danger on paths reserved for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders
  16. Driving faster than walking pace in a pedestrian zone
  17. Driving faster than walking pace on a street reserved for play
  18. Do not turn on your headlights after dark (same rule for trailers)
  19. After dark, do not use clearance lights for vehicles with a width greater than 2.50 m
  20. Do not use a device suitable for transporting a child under 1.35 m tall
  21. Do not clear when approaching a priority vehicle using its siren
  22. Do not slow down sharply when approaching a school transport vehicle
  23. Endangering pedestrians on the sidewalk (or in other situations)
  24. Do not moderate your speed while following a bus
  25. Do not stop to let passengers pass when passing public transport from the boarding side
  26. Do not allow pedestrians to complete their crossing at a normal pace
  27. Do not give way to pedestrians entering a protected crossing
  28. Cut a row of children
  29. Do not obey supervisors transporting children
  30. Pass a cyclist or moped rider less than a meter away
  31. Cut a military convoy, procession or cycle race
  32. Don’t stop when approaching a cycle race
  33. Not respecting the instructions intended to ensure the safety of events and races
  34. Do not transport more children than the seats (equipped with belts) available
  35. Transgressing a red light
  36. Do not give way if at a red light you follow the direction indicated by a green arrow
  37. Using a traffic lane when a light signal above prohibits access
  38. Borrow a forbidden meaning
  39. Overtaking when it is prohibited
  40. Cross a solid white line
  41. Crossing an orange line
  42. Do not use a legal child restraint
  43. Transgressing the order to stop coming from an authorized person
  44. Encourage a driver to drive too fast
  45. Overtaking when approaching the top of a hill or on a blind bend
  46. Crossing a closed level crossing
  47. Turn around on a highway
  48. Parking on a level crossing
  49. Do a speed race on public roads

I test my knowledge with questions

Chapitre 1: La réglementation