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III. Injunctions from qualified agents

Chapter 1: Regulation

1. Users (pedestrians, drivers and rail vehicles) must immediately comply with the orders of qualified agents.

Injunctions addressed to users in motion can only be given by qualified agents wearing the insignia of their function.

These badges must be visible day and night.

2. The following are considered in particular as injunctions:

  • The agent stands facing forward or facing away with his arms outstretched horizontally means that he must stop
  • The qualified agent standing in profile with arms outstretched horizontally signifies authorization to continue his route and choose his direction.
  • The qualified agent standing with his arm extended vertically means that you must stop unless you are already in the intersection and you will have to get out of the way as quickly as possible.
  • The transverse swing of a red light, which means stop for the drivers towards whom the light is directed.

3. Any driver of a stationary or parked vehicle is required tomove it as soon as required by a qualified agent.

4. In the event of refusal or absence of the driver, the qualified agent may have the vehicle moved . The trip is carried out at the risk and expense of the driver unless the driver is absent and the vehicle is regularly parked.

To move a vehicle you always need the presence of a qualified agent

Failure to comply with an injunction is a 3rd degree offense(- 5 points).

Failure to comply with a stop order is a 4th degree offense(- 5 points).

whistle is not an injunction. It attracts the attention of drivers.

  • The injunctions of qualified agents take precedence over road signs as well as traffic rules .
  • Road signs take precedence over traffic rules .
  • The operation of traffic light signals at a specific location renders road signals relating to priority placed on the same lane ineffective.

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Chapitre 1: La réglementation