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III. The automobile road

Chapter 2: The public highway

Whatis the road for automobiles?

The road for automobiles designates the public road whose beginning is indicated by the sign F9 and whose end is indicated by the sign F11.

Traffic on automobile roads is reserved for motor vehicles and their trailers.

Which users are prohibited from using it?

Access to the road for automobiles is prohibited:

to pedestrians
to cyclists, moped drivers
the quads
to animal handlers
to drivers who are towing another vehicle
to drivers of agricultural vehicles
to fairground vehicle trains


It is prohibited on automobile roads to:

turn around
drive in the opposite direction
stop or park, except in parking areas
to use the transverse connections
tow a vehicle


  • No minimum speed
    Maximum: depends on the public road on which you are traveling
    In built-up areas: 50 km/h
    Outside urban areas in Wallonia: 90 km/h
    Outside the Brussels and Flanders metropolitan area: 70 km/h
    Outside built-up areas on 2×2 lane roads with a physical separator: 120 km/h

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