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IV. Railroad Crossing

Chapter 2: The public highway

What is a level crossing?

Level crossing designates the total or partial crossing of a public road by one or more railway lines established outside the roadway.

It is indicated by the following signals.

Behavior when approaching a level crossing

Users approaching a level crossing must exercise extra caution to avoid any risk of accident.

In the absence of barriers or light signals, before entering you must ensure that no vehicle on rails is approaching.


It is prohibited to enter a level crossing:

When barriers are moving or closed
When flashing red lights are on
When the sound signal works
If the traffic congestion is such that we would likely be stopped on this crossing
In addition, stopping and parking are prohibited.

Il est interdit de dépasser sur un passage à niveau sans feux ni barrières:

It is prohibited to overtake on a level crossing without lights or barriers:

A hitched vehicle
A 2-wheeled motor vehicle (moped and motorcycle)
A vehicle with more than 2 wheels (motorcycle with sidecar, car, van, truck, etc.)

  • Un véhicule attelé
  • Un véhicule à moteur à 2 roues (cyclomoteur et moto)
  • Un véhicule à plus de 2 roues (moto avec side-car, voiture, camionnette, camion…)

On a level crossing with lights or barrier or with both, it is authorized to overtake all types of vehicles.

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Chapitre 1: La réglementation