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III. The parking ban

Chapter 7: Stationary or parked vehicles

Parking is prohibited but not stopping:

  • In front of a garage or a vehicle access, except for vehicles whose registration plate is legibly reproduced at the access.
  • Less than 1 meter in front of or behind another stationary or parked vehicle.
  • Less than 15 meters on either side of a bus, trolley bus or tram stop.
  • Any place where the vehicle would prevent access to another vehicle or the departure of another vehicle.
  • Anywhere where pedestrians, cyclists and moped drivers must use the roadway to get around an obstacle.
  • Any place where the passage of vehicles on rails would be obstructed.
  • In spaces provided for disabled people, in possession of a special parking card.
  • In places where the vehicle would prevent access to parking spaces established off the roadway.
  • In residential areas, unless permitted by road signs or road markings.
  • In pedestrian areas.
  • Where the E1 signal prohibits it.
  • On a roadway divided into traffic lanes, except in places provided for parking.
  • Along a broken yellow line
  • When the width of the free passage is less than 3 meters
  • On the opposite side of a stationary or parked vehicle, making it difficult to pass vehicles
  • On the central carriageway of a public road which has three carriageways
  • Outside built-up areas on the roadway of a priority lane

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Chapitre 1: La réglementation