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I. Residential and meeting area

Chapter 8: Traffic in slow zones

Residential or meeting area

It is a public road located in a built-up area , the beginning of which is indicated by the signal F12a and the end by the signal F12b.

For pedestrians:

  • Games  are allowed,
  • They can  travel across the entire width of the roadway,
  • Prohibition of obstructing  traffic without necessity.

For drivers:

  • Speed: maximum 20 km/h,
  • Cannot hinder or endanger pedestrians,
  • If necessary, they must stop,
  • Use extra caution in the presence of children.

Stopping and parking prohibited, except:

    • At locations delimited by road markings or coating of a different color with the letter “P”,
    • in places where a road sign authorizes it,
    • Authorization to park your vehicle on the left or right in relation to the direction of travel. 

I test my knowledge with questions

Chapitre 1: La réglementation