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V. Pedestrian zone

Chapter 8: Traffic in slow zones

Pedestrian Zone

  • Beginning and end
  • Access to is  reserved for pedestrians
  • We  travel there at a walking pace, ie 6 km/h.  

Can access these areas:

  • surveillance, control and maintenance vehicles  and  refuse  collection vehicles,
  • priority vehicles  on mission,
  • public transport  vehicles,
  • drivers of  vehicles whose garage is located inside these zones,
  • vehicles  which must deliver  , vehicles intended to  carry out work  in these areas,
  • passed  ,
  • cyclists  when  road signs so provide.

Pedestrians and drivers

  • Pedestrians can use the entire width of the public road,
  • Drivers who are allowed to travel there must do so at a walking pace,
  • Drivers must give way to pedestrians and, if necessary, stop,
  • They cannot put pedestrians in danger or hinder them,
  • Cyclists must dismount their bicycles when the density of pedestrian traffic makes it difficult for them to pass,
  • Games are allowed,
  • Parking is prohibited in these areas.

I test my knowledge with questions

Chapitre 1: La réglementation