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VI. Streets reserved for play

Chapter 8: Traffic in slow zones

Street reserved for games and school street

  • Streets which are closed at certain times with a barrier on which is fixed a sign prohibiting access in both directions for any driver.
  • The entire width of the public road is reserved for games , mainly for children.
  • People playing are considered pedestrians.

Have access to streets reserved for play:

  • Only motor vehicles from local residents or if your garage is located on this street,
  • Priority vehicles on mission,
  • Drivers must travel at a walking pace,
  • They must give way to pedestrians who are playing,
  • Give priority to them and if necessary stop,
  • Cyclists must dismount their bicycles if necessary,
  • Drivers may not endanger or interfere with playing pedestrians,
  • They must also be extra careful in the presence of children.

I test my knowledge with questions

Chapitre 1: La réglementation