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Chapter 3: Users

What is a user?

The term “user”  refers to any person who uses public roads .

These are pedestrians , drivers and handlers of draft, cargo or mounting animals and livestock.

What is a pedestrian?

The term “pedestrian” refers to a person who travels on foot .

People who drive:

  • by hand a wheelbarrow
  • child’s car
  • wheelchair that does not exceed a walking pace
  • by hand a bicycle , or a moped

Pedestrian space on public roads

Pedestrians must use:

  • sidewalks
  • the parts of the public highway indicated by signs D9 or D10
  • or passable projecting shoulders , and failing that, level shoulders.

People who drive a bicycle , a transport vehicle or a two-wheeled moped by hand or who transport bulky objects must use the road if they cause significant inconvenience to other pedestrians .

If there are no sidewalks or passable shoulders , pedestrians can use:

  • the cycle path , but they must give way to cyclists and moped drivers.
  • the road , but they must stay as close as possible to the edge and travel on the left side in the direction of their walking.

However, people who drive  a bicycle or two-wheeled moped by hand  must ride on the right side in the direction of their travel.   

Pedestrian groups

  • led by a  guide can travel  on the road,  in this case they must take the  right side.
  • composed of  five or more people,  accompanied by a  guide,  can also use the  left side  of the road. In this case, they must  walk in single file.

Crossing the roadway

  • perpendicular  to its axis, they  cannot linger there ,  nor stop there  without necessity.
  • if  there is a pedestrian crossing less than  approximately 20 meters away, pedestrians are obliged to use it.
  • cannot  impede  (hinder) traffic on  crossing sidewalks.

Two-tone lights for pedestrians

They can only enter  the roadway  if the lights allow them to

Qualified agent or traffic lights without two-color lights for pedestrians

  • they must  comply with the orders  of qualified agents.
  • or as  indicated by the traffic lights.

No qualified agent or lights

  • Pedestrians may only  enter the roadway with caution  and in consideration of approaching vehicles.

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