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III. Drivers and passengers

Chapter 3: Users

Place for drivers and passengers

In a vehicle: 

  • It is forbidden to take passengers on parts outside the passenger compartment.
  • the number of passengers cannot exceed the number of seats equipped with seat belts.
  • Minimum space for  driver: 55 cm , passenger 40 cm.
  • Minimum space of 135 cm to accommodate 2 passengers in the front.

Seat belts


The seat belt is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce the consequences of an accident and the number of road casualties.

Wearing a seat belt helps  reduce the risk of death  in the event of a road accident by 50%. This is the case even at low speeds.

Did you know that at  20 km/h , a  collision  without wearing a seat belt can be  fatal  !

Wearing a seat belt is:

  • Mandatory for all passengers in the equipped front and rear seats. 
  • Seats equipped with seat belts or restraint devices must be occupied as a priority.

Exempt from wearing seat belts:

  • Driver reversing  .
  • Taxi driver  transporting a customer.
  • Driver and passengers of a  priority vehicle  on a mission.
  • People with an  exemption for serious  medical contraindications  .
  • Postal agents  carrying out the  distribution and collection of mail.

Wearing a seat belt for children:

  • These are people under 18 years old and under 1.35 m tall. 
  • Must be installed on an approved and suitable restraint device .
  • Can be installed front or rear.
  • Deactivate the airbag if the child is seated with their back to traffic.
  • If there is no seat belt , it is prohibited to take a child under 3 years old neither in front nor behind and it is compulsory to take children over 3 years old and under 1.35 m only in the rear.

Children between 1.35 m and 1.50 m:

  • They can be carried on a restraint or on the seat by fastening the belt.


  • Occasional short-distance transport If you do not have a restraint device designed to transport a child over 3 years old who is not yours, you install them in the back with the belt.
  • Prohibition to do so if the child is under 3 years old.

Drivers of bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles:

A bicycle, a motorized cycle, a moped, a motorcycle, a tricycle or quadricycle with or without a motor cannot carry more people than the number for which the seat (s) are designed.

Drivers of bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles , motor tricycles and motor quadricycles are prohibited from taking or allowing a passenger to take the so-called “side-saddle” position.

Passengers in these vehicles  are  prohibited from taking the so-called “side-saddle” position.

Passengers on mopeds, motorcycles, motor tricycles and motor quadricycles must have their  feet on the footrests.

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Chapitre 1: La réglementation