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V. Behavior towards pedestrians, groups and processions

Chapter 3: Users

The driver must be extra careful and  cannot endanger pedestrians who:

  • Are on a sidewalk , a part of the public road reserved for pedestrian traffic by signal D9 or D10, a shoulder or a refuge
  • Are on a public road marked by signs F99a or F99b or established as a street reserved for gaming
  • Are located in a residential or meeting area
  • Travel on the road
  • Travel on the road
  • The driver must yield to the pedestrian engaged in the crosswalk or when about to do so.
  • Pedestrians are not required to cross on the pedestrian crossing if there is not one within 20 meters. They therefore do not have priority, but once engaged they are allowed to complete their crossing at normal speed.
  • In case of congestion, stop short of the pedestrian crossing
  • When a pedestrian has to go around an obstacle and finds himself walking on the road , a lateral distance of at least 1 meter must be left in built-up areas (1.5 meters outside built-up areas). If this is not possible, drive at a walking pace if necessary and stop.

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Chapitre 1: La réglementation