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VI.Behavior towards cyclists and mopeds

Chapter 3: Users

The driver of a motor vehicle or motorcycle

  • May not endanger a cyclist or driver of a two-wheeled moped who is on a public highway.
  • He must be extra careful in the presence of children and elderly cyclists.
  • He must leave a lateral distance of at least one meter between his vehicle and the cyclist or driver of a two-wheeled moped.
  • Outside of built-up areas, the lateral distance is at least one and a half meters.
  • He may only approach a crossing for cyclists and drivers of two-wheeled mopeds at a moderate speed and may not endanger the users engaged there.
  • In addition,  it cannot hinder cyclists and moped drivers when they complete the crossing of the roadway at normal speed. If necessary, he must stop to let them pass.
  • He cannot enter a crossing for cyclists and drivers of two-wheeled mopeds if the traffic congestion is such that he would likely be immobilized on this crossing.

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Chapitre 1: La réglementation