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VI. Accessories and documents

Chapter 4: Vehicles

Mandatory accessories

The danger triangle

In the event of a breakdown or accident you will place it

  • On the highway to be placed 100 meters below the vehicle
  • Elsewhere at 30 meters
  • In built-up areas can be placed less than 30 meters away or on the vehicle 

The fire extinguisher

  • To be placed in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, must be visible and within reach of the driver.
  • There is a validation date.

The first aid kit

  • Adhesive dressings ,
  • fabric triangles ,
  • Disposable gloves ,
  • Surgical masks 
  • Sterile compresses .
  • Stretch bands 
  • Round tip  scissors
  • Single-use gloves .

Everything inside the first aid kit is packed securely and easily accessible. 


The retro-reflective vest

  • Must be placed in the passenger compartment.
  • Mandatory for the driver of a broken down vehicle on motorways and motor roads.
  • Recommended to wear it in built-up areas.

Recommended accessories

  • Spare wheel
  • A jack to lift the vehicle
  • A key to unbolting
  • A lightbulb
  • Fuses
  • A towing cable
  • Battery cables
  • A greasy chalk
  • A European accident report
  • A parking disc
  • Currency
  • Gloves
  • A second retro-reflective vest
  • A flashlight

Prohibited accessories

  • Radar detectors
  • Dangerous ornaments

Driver's documents

  • Driving license or provisional license
  • ID card
  • Only original documents

Vehicle documents

The certificate of conformity

  • Issued by the manufacturer when you purchase your vehicle.
  • Document whose shape and color vary depending on the make of the vehicle. It always follows the vehicle , not the owner
  • This document mentions the technical characteristics of the vehicle , it is a bit like “ the identity card” of the car .
  • Also indicates the vehicle’s Co2 emission rate

The insurance certificate

  • Any motor vehicle circulating in any public place must be insured 
  • Must always accompany the vehicle
  • Trailers with an MMA greater than 750 kg must have insurance.

The registration certificate

  • Any motor vehicle as well as trailers whose MMA exceeds 750 kg must be registered with the Vehicle Registration Department (DIV)
  • Document which will always be in the vehicle as well as the license plate.
  • The duplicate document must always be at home

Technical control

  • Technical inspection is compulsory in Belgium for all vehicles over 4 years old .
  • Mandatory if you want to sell your vehicle. 
  • Valid for one year

I test my knowledge with questions

Chapitre 1: La réglementation