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I. General conditions of use

Updated: 01/06/2021

1. Scope

These general conditions of use (hereinafter the “CGU”) are concluded by:

Banza Dikonda Alain (0783.206.011), hereinafter referred to as Mytheory

and apply to any visit or use of the website (hereinafter “Platform”) and its information by an Internet user (hereinafter “User”).

By visiting or using the Platform, the User acknowledges having read these T&Cs and expressly accepts the rights and obligations mentioned therein.

The provisions of the General Terms and Conditions may exceptionally be waived by written agreement. These exemptions may consist of the modification, addition or deletion of the clauses to which they relate and have no impact on the application of the other provisions of the T&Cs.

We reserve the right to modify our T&Cs at any time, without prior notification, but we undertake to apply the provisions that were in force at the time you used our Platform.

2. Platform

a. Access and navigation

We take all reasonable and necessary measures to ensure the proper functioning, security and accessibility of our Platform. However, we cannot offer an absolute guarantee of operability and our actions must therefore be considered as being covered by an obligation of means.

Any use of the Platform is always at the User’s own risk. Therefore, we are not responsible for any damage that may result from possible malfunctions, interruptions, defects or even harmful elements present on the Platform.

We reserve the right to restrict access to the Platform or interrupt its operation at any time, without prior notice.

b. Content

Mytheory largely determines the content of the Platform and takes great care of the information present on it. We take every possible measure to keep our Platform as complete, accurate and up-to-date as possible, even when the information on it is provided by third parties. We reserve the right to modify, supplement or delete the Platform and its content at any time, without liability being incurred.

Mytheory cannot offer an absolute guarantee regarding the quality of the information present on the Platform. It is therefore possible that this information is not always complete, exact, sufficiently precise or up to date. Consequently, Mytheory cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that the User may suffer from the information present on the Platform.

If certain contents of the Platform are in violation of the law or the rights of third parties, or are contrary to morality, we ask you to inform us as quickly as possible by email so that we can take appropriate measures.

Any download from the Platform always takes place at the User’s risk. Mytheory cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from these downloads, such as loss of data or damage to the User’s computer system, which are entirely and exclusively the responsibility of the latter.

vs. Services reserved for registered Users

1) Registration

Access to certain services is conditional on the User’s registration.

Registration and access to the Platform’s services are reserved exclusively for natural or legal persons, individuals or professionals, legally capable, having completed and validated the registration form available online on the Platform as well as these T&Cs.

When registering, the User undertakes to provide accurate, sincere and up-to-date information about their person and marital status. The User must also carry out regular verification of the data concerning him in order to maintain its accuracy.

The User must therefore provide a valid e-mail address, on which the Platform will send him confirmation of his registration for its services. An email address cannot be used more than once to register for the Services.

Any communication made by the Platform and its partners is therefore deemed to have been received and read by the User. The latter therefore undertakes to regularly consult the messages received on this e-mail address and, if necessary, to respond within a reasonable time.

Only one registration is allowed per natural or legal person, individual or professional.

The User is assigned an identifier allowing him to access a space to which access is reserved for him (hereinafter “Personal Space”), in addition to entering his password.

The identifier is permanent, however the password can be modified online by the User in their Personal Space. The password is personal and confidential, the User therefore undertakes not to communicate it to third parties.

Mytheory reserves in any case the right to refuse a registration request for the Platform’s services in the event of non-compliance by the User with the T&Cs.

2) Unsubscribe

The regularly registered User may request to unsubscribe at any time by going to the dedicated page in their Personal Space. Any unsubscription from the Platform will be effective as soon as possible after the User has completed the form provided for this purpose.

d. Content published by the User

The user undertakes to respect the laws in force through each of his publications on the Platform. It will be particularly attentive to the interests of third parties, content of an offensive nature as well as content likely to be contrary to public order or morals. The User remains responsible for any content published on the Platform.

The Platform may exercise moderation on any publication and refuse to upload content without having to provide justification. Likewise, the content published by a User may be modified or deleted without reason or delay.

By publishing on the Platform, the User assigns free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis to Mytheory the right to represent, reproduce, adapt, modify, distribute and broadcast, directly or indirectly as well as on any medium and throughout the world, the published content.

3. Links to other websites

The Platform may contain links or hyperlinks to external websites. Such links do not automatically mean that there is a relationship between Mytheory and the external website or even that an implicit agreement exists with the content of these external sites.

Mytheory has no control over external websites. We are therefore not responsible for the safe and correct functioning of the hyperlinks and their final destination. As soon as the User clicks on the hyperlink, he leaves the Platform. We cannot therefore be held responsible for any subsequent damage.

4. Intellectual property

The structure of the Platform, but also the texts, graphics, images, photographs, sounds, videos, databases, computer applications, etc. which compose it or which are accessible via the Platform are the property of the publisher and are protected as such by the laws in force regarding intellectual property.

Any representation, reproduction, adaptation or partial or total exploitation of the contents, registered trademarks and services offered by the Platform, by any means whatsoever, without the prior, express and written authorization of the publisher, is strictly prohibited, the exception of elements expressly designated as royalty-free on the Platform.

The User of the Platform is granted a limited right to access, use and display the Platform and its content. This right is granted on a non-exclusive, non-transferable basis and may only be used for personal, non-commercial use. Without prior written agreement, Users are not authorized to modify, reproduce, translate, distribute, sell, communicate to the public, in whole or in part, the protected elements.

The User is prohibited from entering data on the Platform which would modify or be likely to modify its content or appearance.

5. Protection of personal data

The personal data provided by the User during their visit or use of the Platform are collected and processed by Mytheory exclusively for internal purposes. Mytheory assures its users that it attaches the greatest importance to the protection of their privacy and personal data, and that it is always committed to communicating clearly and transparently on this point.

Mytheory undertakes to comply with the applicable legislation in this area, namely the Law of December 8, 1992 relating to the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data as well as the European Regulation of April 27, 2016 relating the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

The User’s personal data is processed in accordance with the privacy policy available on the Platform.

6. General provisions

Mytheory reserves the right to modify, extend, delete, limit or interrupt the Platform and associated services at any time, without prior notification, and without incurring liability.

In the event of a violation of the T&Cs by the User, Mytheory reserves the right to take appropriate sanction and reparation measures. Mytheory reserves the right to refuse the User any access to the Platform or our services temporarily or permanently. These measures may be taken without giving reasons and without notice. They cannot engage Mytheory’s liability or give rise to any form of compensation.

The illegality or total or partial nullity of a provision of our T&Cs will have no impact on the validity and application of the other provisions. In such a case, we have the right to replace the provision with another valid provision of similar scope.

II. Cookies

Our site uses cookies that are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of certain modules.

Google Analytics

They are issued by Google for the purpose of measuring the audience for the various contents and sections of our site, in order to evaluate them and better organize them. These Cookies also make it possible, if necessary, to detect navigation problems and therefore to improve the ergonomics of our services. These Cookies only produce anonymous statistics and traffic volumes, excluding any individual information.

Cookie namesCookie typeSupplierExpiry timeKindObject
Cookie ConsentRequiredmythory.be1 yearHTTPStores the cookie permission for the current domain by the user
rc::aRequiredgoogle.comPersistentHTMLThis cookie is used to distinguish humans from robots. This is beneficial for the website to create valid reports on the usage of their site.
rc::cRequiredgoogle.comSessionHTMLThis cookie is used to distinguish humans from robots.
wp-settings-{user_id}Requiredmythory.be1 yearHTTPUsed for persistence of a user’s wp-admin configuration. (logged in user only)
wordpress_test_cookieRequiredmythory.beSessionHTTPTests that the browser accepts cookies.
woocommerce_*, wp_woocommerce_*, wc_cart_hash_*, wc_fragments_*Requiredmythory.bePersistentHTTPAllows you to save user baskets in order to find their basket when the user returns to the site.
wordpress_logged_in & wordpress_secRequiredmythory.be14 days if you select “Remember me” when you log in. Otherwise, the duration of the session.HTTPUsed to check if the current visitor is logged in as a user. (logged in user only)
_gaStatisticsGoolge2 yearsHTTPRegisters a unique identifier used to generate statistical data about how the visitor uses the site.
_gatStatisticsGoolge1 dayHTTPUsed by Google Analytics to radically decrease query rate
_gidStatisticsGoolge1 dayHTTPRegisters a unique identifier used to generate statistical data about how the visitor uses the site.

Your choices and terms of opposition and deletion concerning cookies on our sites

Click here to change your cookie preferences

By using our site, you consent to the use of the aforementioned Cookies. However, you can choose to deactivate them at any time via your browser or by clicking on the button above. This can also be configured to systematically notify you of the Cookies that are placed in your terminal and ask you to accept them or not.

If your terminal is used by several people and when the same terminal has several navigation software, we cannot ensure with certainty that the services and advertisements intended for your terminal correspond to your own use of this terminal and not to that of another user of the terminal.

Where applicable, sharing with other people the use of your terminal and configuring your browser settings with regard to Cookies is your free choice and your responsibility.

Refuse or delete a Cookie through your browser software

If you use the Explorer browser: click on the “Tools” button, then “Internet Options”. Under the general “Browsing History” tab, click “Settings”. Then click on “Show files” and select the Cookie(s) you want to disable. Then close the window which contains this list of Cookies and click “OK” twice to return to the Internet.

If you use the Firefox browser: click on the Firefox Menu icon, then on the “Tools” button, then “Options”; in the window that appears, choose “Privacy” and click on “Delete Specific Cookies”. Select the Cookies you want to deactivate and then delete them.

If you use the Safari browser: click on the “Settings” button, then “Preferences”. In the window that appears, choose “Privacy/Security”, and click “Show Cookies”. Select the Cookies you want to deactivate then click on “Clear” or “Clear all”.

If you use the Chrome browser: click on the Google Chrome menu icon, then “Settings”. At the bottom of the page, click “Show advanced settings”. In the “Privacy” section, click on “Content Settings”. To deactivate Cookies:

  • Select “Prohibit all sites from storing data”
  • Click “Cookies and Site Data”, then hover over the site that created the Cookie, and click “X” in the right corner, or click “Remove All”.

Refuse a Cookie issued by a social network

If you wish to interact with the Social Network Cookies on our sites, we invite you to consult the documentation on the social publishers’ sites:

III. PRIVACY POLICY collects data such as cookies , your last name, first name, company name, email, postal code, website url and telephone number when making an appointment, online purchase, contact request by form or subscribing to our newsletters.

You are free to refuse this data collection by deactivating cookies, or by contacting us by means other than the contact form. cannot be held responsible in the event that a third party illegally obtains access to our system and your private data. However makes every effort to guarantee the security of your data and its databases and undertakes not to disclose your private data to other companies or businesses without your consent.



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